Baptist Gardens History

In the beginning...

In September 1959, while Pastor Kepner was conducting meetings in Denver, Colorado, a local church, the Broadway Baptist Church invited Pastor Kepner to tour a facility that was being erected as an apartment complex for senior adults.  Dr. Kepner was so impressed by the tour and the beautifully equipped apartments that he invited the architect- developer to meet with the Board of Trustees of 1st Baptist Church of Long Beach.

An evening was spent exploring the possibility of doing a project similar in Long Beach, California for senior adults.  It was determined that it was not feasible at the time; however, the seeds were sown for what would eventually become Baptist Gardens.

On April, 29 1970, after several preliminary attempts the church voted authorize the Board of Trustees to proceed with the necessary expenditures to begin the project known as Baptist Gardens.  The church also voted to have the project be it’s own entity and incorporate as a non-profit organization.

These are the original officers and board members were chosen; these included:
Paul Larson, President
Myron Eddy, Vice President
Marie Stevenson, Secretary
James Sharp, Asst. Secretary
Robert Cavin, Board Member
Lloyd Vaughn, Board Member
James Willingham, Board Member
W.F. McPheeters, Board Member
E. William George, Board Member

After struggling with many difficulties and disappointments the Board pushed towards it's goal and broke ground on May 25, 1975.  In only 26 days a beautiful 13 story edifice was completed consisting of 200 one bedroom apartments and various other amenities.  Finishing touches were completed and tenants began moving in shortly after January 1, 1976.

The 1st Baptist Church and the board members of Baptist Gardens had an amazing vision for a project that was years ahead of it’s time.

The Next Chapter...

The Baptist Gardens Board of Trustees maintained the property until 2010.  After many years of partnering with a Property Management Company the facility was headed for a major renovation.  The property management company decided to make the Board of Trustees an offer to purchase the building.  Board of Trustees convened and an offer was accepted.  In December of 2010 the original building changed hands the Property Management Company became the new owner.  As part of the purchase and agreement was reached that the building would remain as low income housing for seniors.  The building was renovated and all the apartments and facilities we upgraded.  The building’s name was changed.

The Baptist Gardens Board of Trustees convened once again and it was decided that Articles of Incorporation and the By Laws would be amended to reflect the current status of Baptist Gardens.  Today Baptist Gardens provides short term bridge loans for new construction, renovation and upgrades to HUD low income housing projects.

What will the future hold?...

Only God and time will tell.  Please check back and see how God's plan unfolds for Baptist Gardens.